Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lil' Kim At His Finest

The web is full of memes mocking the current leader of North Korea's apparent love for food.

A younger Kim Jong Un with his father, the late Kim Jong Il.
Seriously. This.
With all the threats of war and fear-inducing news coming off the Korean Peninsula, I thought a little lightheartedness was due. Obviously war is never a laughing matter, but as the saying goes, sometimes you've got to laugh or you'll cry.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Back in the hood...

It feels so good to be home!

Of course, being home feels a bit like being on vacation at the moment as mom is feeding us well and we're enjoying the ease of life in the US while not having too many responsibilities. Oh the joys of being able to understand and communicate easily with everyone around us again.  ;).

I've been contemplating whether to keep up this blog anymore now that I'm no longer that "american girl in germany who moved to korea". I  don't know who actually reads this thing, but even if it is only my mom (hi mommy!) it has been fun keeping it up throughout my time abroad.

I've been back for a total of 3.5 days now.  Jet lag hasn't been as bad as I expected.  Sunday I had an interview for the New York City Teaching Fellows in the city and it went pretty well.  I'll have to wait about a month to hear if I get into the program.  Otherwise, enjoying the sunshine and the freedom I have in between jobs.

--until next time.

* * * * *