Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Thursday Regular--The Future is Here

A student of mine told me about a trend in South Korea where stores have put up 'virtual billboard shops' in subway stations so customers can grocery shop with their smart phones while waiting for the subway.  While surprising as an idea, it wasn't surprising to hear that Korea had thought it up, being that it's the most wired nation in the world.  So can you imagine my surprise finding something similar here in Nuremberg?  Who would have thunk?  It's not food, but it's the same concept...

At Dürrenhof Bahnhof, a 'billboard shop' where you can shop while you wait.
To my stateside readers:  Have you seen something like this in the US as well? Or am I just way behind the times?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some happenings...

* I received my Zertifikat Deutsch test results back--did better than I expected :)
Listening + Reading:  43/45
Writing: 18/20
Speaking: 98/100

*  I booked my ticket to the US... January 21st - February 6th-- finally going back home for a visit!

*  The Christkindlmarkt starts next week Friday (25.11)--looking forward to another season working in the Atlanta Booth with Rod and the gang. (If you're in the Nbg area, come by and visit me in the International part of the market (behind the Rathaus))...

Tis' all for now.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Thursday Regular-- German Gangsters at their Best

Life is hard on the South Side.  Or is it Soute? Sout?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Insomniac Attack

Not sleeping.  Haven't slept properly in two weeks.  I just keep waking up at around 1:30-2:00am and then stay awake.  I guess its not a bad thing to cut back on the hours I spend in slumber, just wish I could use the time a bit better.

I know I've said before how much I miss Autumn in NJ, but for some reason, I've just started to notice how beautiful Germany is this time of year as well.  The trees all look as if sunshine just spilled from the sky and stuck itself onto the leaves.  Golden treetops everywhere, even though Christmas is filling up the shelves and garland and lights are starting to appear in the city.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Golden November

While being abroad is very rewarding and enriching, it can honestly be a living hell when trying to deal with red tape and bureaucracy.  October was full of back and forth paperwork between Germany and the US and I honestly think I might have given myself an ulcer from all the stress that went along side it.

Usually I like to sing praises on behalf of Germany, but this time there's nothing good to be said about the customer service for the company FedEx in Germany.  So readers, if you ever need to ship something express across the ocean and if you happen to live in Nuremberg, avoid FedEx at all costs. They are a nightmare with a capital N.

Perhaps it was just a lot of Pech, but I've never encountered an employee so apathetic and so rude before in my life.  He made a mistake by processing a procedure incorrectly therefore holding up my package in the US and not allowing it to be returned to me.  He then refused to do anything about it and left me to sort through the mess, resulting in three hours of phone calls on Friday and an additional hour and half on Monday with representatives in the US and Germany.  And for some crazy reason, in Germany, they seem to think it's okay that in addition to having to deal with problems their company created, I should also pay .17 cents per minute to speak to someone on the phone.  I did finally receive the package on Wednesday (a week after it was sent from the sender in the US), but was told by the same very unhelpful employee that I would not get my money back and that "it was unfair" what I was doing--trying to 'cheat', as he put it. Seriously?

Despite all that, Germany really is quite beautiful right now.  The leaves are golden yellow everywhere and the weather is cool enough for jackets and scarves but not so cold that you want to hide away in doors.

So wishing you all a beautiful November, free of red-tape and full of happier, more beautiful things.


Beautiful skies, golden fields and construction--a common sight for November in Deutschland.