Sunday, July 12, 2009

Perfection is a myth...


I am writing to you from lil' ol' Lauf a.d Pegnitz, here in Deutschland. It was and still is one of my goals to keep a blog of my life during this year here in Germany, but up until now, I've had this fear of writing--anything really, blog or "work" related--for fear of it "not being good" (enough).

Just yesterday though, I ran across another friend's blog and realized, it was so enjoyable to read, imperfections and all, that I decided perfection is a myth. And so here I am sitting at my desk at 9:07am on Sunday morning writing the first entry of my new blog.

I arrived in Germany June 22nd via Air Berlin from JFK, and since then, it has been major major relaxation mode. I have taken countless walks, several visits to N├╝rnberg, dabbled in some reading and writing, spending countless hours with David <3 (of course), a trip to Bayreuth via the fabulous Bayern Ticket (!) and having sporadic waves of worry wash over me as I think about finding a job once LEOLingo finishes in September. (LEOLingo is the sprache-camp that I will be working for this summer, teaching English/being a camp counselor, etc. to German kids.) But for now, I want to stop. and marvel in the fact that I am actually here in Germany. The last couple of years, knowing that once I graduated from MSU, I would be moving to the glorious land of bread and bratwurst, schokolade und eis, cobblestone streets, castles and history galore, smack dab in the middle of europe--has been my driving force or motivation... and now its a reality! There are a couple things that I wanted to accomplish during my time here in Deutschland and perhaps by writing them out and making them public, I will adhere more to them. So here they are: 1. Become conversational in Deutsch :) 2. Read & Write--as much as possible 3. Keep a blog :) 4. Find a job = Make $$$ (and start paying off student loans :( ) 5. Travel... 6. Strengthen my physical & spiritual health 7. Develop a hobby and 8. David... (open for interpretation) So let's get this year off to a good start, shall we? <3


  1. Wow... I absolutely agree and can relate with so much of what you said, about making our writing public, perfection, the idea of living in Europe, many of your goals...

    dang. I LOVE you Diana!!

  2. Glad you mad it man!!
    so proud, so very proud of you!
    love & hugs