Sunday, August 23, 2009

job hunting...

I can't escape it.

Somehow I thought finding a job in Germany would be a little less stressful than in the States, now that I'm an official college grad and all. But its equally so-- perhaps even a tad more.

I do realize that the fact that I don't speak German fluently (yet) severly hinders and limits the positions I have to apply for, but I thought finding a job to teach English wouldn't be too hard--and that teaching English this year would give me time to think about what I really want to do when I get back to the US sometime next year.

The problem has really been that I don't know where to even look. I've sent my resume to a couple of Language Schools in Nuremberg, but not more than two responded and they told me they aren't hiring. Several people have offered to "ask" someone they know to see if they are looking for an English teacher--but so far, I've got nothing.

I miss my craigslist...

This weekend went much too fast. Tomorrow starts another week of camp. Another set of German children for another five days. Work takes up the majority of my week, and yet I don't feel I have that much to say about it... is that normal? I'm not exactly dreading it--I only wish the weekend had more days in it. I have to try to use my weeknights more wisely. I don't want to spend each day wishing for the weekend.

Two weeks until Italy. (!)

No pictures to post this time.

Until next week. Viel Spaß.

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