Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A visit to Brrrr--lin*!

we were greeted to a very cold and snowy berlin...

this is us making our way to the underground (subway)... four out of five of us

our first evening there, we decided to explore zoological gartens, and we stumbled across this very interesting place

this is the church in the daytime--it was destroyed during the 2nd World War and was never rebuilt, as you can see the top of the tower is missing

this is the inside of the memorial church they built right next to it--completely stained glass

two silly tourists at the brandenburg gate-- it was built at the end of 1700's as a gate linking east to west

daniela and andria outside the DDR museum

a map of berlin, divided up amongst US, France, Britain and the Soviet Union

THE wall

between the Berlin Wall dividing East & West, this look out tower is where the Soviet (or Stasi) soldiers would keep people from escaping... if they saw someone, they shot...

walking along the East Side Gallery, former wall, that was painted over by artists from around the globe

another mural on the wall...

a quote I liked

one of many cool architectural wonders in Berlin, near East Side Gallery

the world's largest aquarium(!) inside the Radisson hotel lobby

the TV tower in Alexanderplatz

Sony Center at night

Checkpoint Charlie with my fellow American

the Buddy Bear exhibit at the Hauptbahnhof... they had hundreds of bears painted that represented countries from around the world, as an effort to create peace and understanding between nations

*photo credits go to the two lovely photographers, Andria and Daniela

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