Tuesday, March 2, 2010

...wie der Zeit fliegt!

My most sincere apologies to all my blog readers for not updating since the beginning of February. Life has been getting in the way.

Last month was a busy month. I got several new clients at work, won my very first short story competition, went to Frankfurt to visit a good friend and have started up a blog for the Nuremberg Writers, with my fellow Nurembergian writer, John.

The weather has been getting nicer, skies bluer, snow disappearing and ice cream shops returning to the city of Nuremberg. Last week I passed dozens of people on Königstraße tasting the first eis of summer, and I must admit, the temptation was too great, and so I too, had my first scoop of 2010. Ein kugeln, Pfefferminzschoko im Waffel. Yum.

My German lessons at the Volkhochschule has ended, or to be honest, I ended them... for reasons I shan't list here. But I haven't given up on the German language yet. My goal for the month of March, in addition to studying German on my own every day, is to find a Tandem Partner to practice German with. The idea is to meet with another person who wants to learn the language you speak, and so we spend some time each meeting speaking German and English to improve and gain confidence in our language speaking abilities.

Some of you might be wondering why I don't just practice speaking with David. While its true that I could, and its true that I have, it is difficult to speak with someone that you are so used to communicating in another language with. We always speak English together, and when we attempt German, the words quickly convert back to English, unfortunately. And so its best to go to neutral territory I think.

As for The Nuremberg Writers website, I will post it as soon as it gets a little meatier. At the moment, its quite bare. We started the site in hopes of luring in more members.

Anyways short update, but this month, I will be writing more.


I know I said it before, but this time I mean it. :)

Until next post.

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