Thursday, July 1, 2010

As American as Apple Pie, or Not

The Amerika Haus of Nürnberg recently held a lecture by a University professor called, "Hating Soccer is more American than Apple Pie". I didn't attend it so naturally I can't comment on the content of this lecture, but just thought it seemed like a bit of an exaggeration. Like if an American Professor gave a lecture about how "Hating Vegetables is as German as Bratwurst". But maybe its just me.

Although Americans aren't the football fanatics that the rest of the world seem to be, I don't believe America views soccer as "a woman's sport" (which is the exact phrase several Germans have used with me when describing Americans' feelings towards the sport).

Anyways... now that America is out of the World Cup, I'm backing Germany. I think it would be fun to be here if they made it into the finals.

If you're following the Championship, a cool link to check out is this: A teenager from North Germany has recreated some of the greatest goals and highlights of the World Cup games entirely out of legos using stop-motion animation. According to an article in The Local, it takes him between two and three hours to film each goal.

A labor of love indeed.

Until next time.

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  1. Wow, that sounds like the kind of lecture I would have loved to attend. I don't know anything about the Amerika Haus, but I'm going to look it up now. I visit Nürnberg often enough. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks for your recent post (and following) on my blog-- always glad to get some Yanks checking in from time to time. In addition to Cliff's blog (above), I'd recommend the excellent Still Here Still Foreign, written by a Bay Area expat currently in Nuremberg (formerly she was in Munich). It's what my blog hopes to be when it grows up. URL is:
    Thanks for reading! -G

  3. Hmmmm....interesting thought. I'd have to say with the gen-xers that sentiment is changing. However, I would say that many American males still don't like slim fitting pants, black socks, extra hair gel or styling product in there hair or for that matter any type of extra grooming short of showering and brushing their teeth. Some sort of old school machismo thing. I say again though, times are changing. Just read your most recent entry. My husband found you. Thanks for a good read.