Friday, October 7, 2011

a mini-update

So summer is officially over, and the weather is starting to dip down into cooler temperatures.  We had a really nice set of sunny days all last week, but today it's 9 degrees (Celsius) and rainy.  The leaves are starting to turn yellowish and brown and there are pumpkins and lebkuchen in all the stores. This is, hands down, my favorite time of year, but this year I fear, I won't get the chance to enjoy it very much.  October is turning out to be a very full month for me.  Its wake up, work in the mornings, German class (B2) in the afternoons, home, prepare lessons for the next day and sleep.  That's been the pattern the last three weeks (including weekends) and until my German course is complete at the end of the month, the following weeks will probably follow suit.

On the 22nd, I'm planning to take the DTZ exam to test my German proficiency.  I was a bit confused about whether I should do a Goethe exam or the Deutschtest fuer Zuwanderer, but in the end, opted for the latter because 1) its heck of a big difference in price (Goethe B1 test is 170 Euros and DTZ (which tests A2-B1) exam is 110 Euros) and 2) for the Goethe test, I would have had to commute to Munich two times to complete it.  I've gotten mixed feedback from teachers about which exam is actually better for my particular situation, but in the end, I think the DTZ will be enough at least at the present moment.  And in America, I don't think it will matter too much which Zeugnis I show (or here's hoping anyway).  (If anyone reading this is interested in taking an exam as well, here's  a helpful link with the list of exams: (German Language Tests)

Also, started Korean classes once a week on Friday evenings. I've tried studying Korean before, but never really got very far with it, but this time, I'm trying to set time aside every week to study a little bit in addition to the class.  I can read the Korean characters now! (S l o w l y .) ^^

Despite all this, life is good with many things to look forward to in the next few months. So--wishing you all a happy Autumn... and until next post. Peace out.


  1. You are so good with your language learning - I need motivation. Everyone just speaks English to me, giving me the easy way out all the time.

  2. good luck with all those languages yeesh!