Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You're not fat!

A phrase I've heard countless time from students young and old.

I don't ask for this information, mind you, but somehow it comes up over and over again whenever the topic of America comes into play.  From a German's perspective, it's meant to be a sincere compliment to me I'm sure (and I thank you), but from an American's POV, it's a back-handed compliment at best because what you're assuming is that all my countrymen are overweight slobs. 

So, just a word of advice, please think twice before saying this to your next Ami friend.

American does not equal fat person. Thank you.

(This has been a public service announcement.)

They don't have to be American.

While many Europeans I know are smart and beautiful, so are many Americans I know.  Don't believe the lies.

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