Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"So long, farewell, aufwiedersehen, good-bye!"

So, this will be my last post from Germany for quite a while. Heading to Seoul tomorrow morning, arriving Thursday afternoon.  Flying with Emirates via Duesseldorf and Dubai.  I'm allowed 30 kg and a 7 kg carry-on.  That's it.  Most of my belongings at this point have been given away, thrown away or brought back to the US.  I have one suitcase und das ist alles.

I'll be attending EPIK Orientation for the first ten days, so until March 3rd and then I begin work on the 5th. Other than that--everything is still kind of blank in my mind in terms of what to expect.  I know I'm working in Seoul, but as for apartment, age group, school location--we find out all of it after we arrive.  EPIK likes to keep us on our toes it seems.

It's been a freaking long process--starting back in June & July of 2011.   Stressful beyond belief.  But now it's over.  Or the application process is anyway, and now it's time to start the real thing.  So, before heading off, Ein großes Dankeschön an alle, die meine Zeit hier so besonders und schön gemacht haben.

...And to all the new people I'm about to meet in South Korea...

My introduction in Hangul.  "Hello. My name is Diana. I come from America.  Nice to meet you!"

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  1. Yayy best of luck dearie!! hope all is well in the orient ;P