Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The paperwork never ends...

...when you're in an international relationship.  Or at least is seems that way.  The paperwork for EPIK along with a case of bed bugs that we were dealing with at the time makes Winter 2011 a time I will gladly (gladly) let slip into oblivion. Down until the very end, when I thought I had lost my passport after returning from the US (didn't know that one, did ya?), I really wasn't sure if Korea was going to happen.  But I'm here. And have been for five whole months already.

Five months in, and do you know what we're doing now? 

That's right, prepping more paperwork.  

We've been dragging our feet on this one for a while now.  We've had the forms all filled out and were ready to go a couple weeks ago already, but paperwork, no matter how straight forward it might seem, never is.  We're now in the process of applying for David's immigrant visa/green card.  After a quick Google search, we've found that there aren't too many blogs out there with information detailing the process from here in South Korea, so the DH suggested I keep track of the experience for future Seoul-dwellers who happen to need the services of the US Embassy.

This Friday at 2:30pm, we have our first appointment to turn in all the paperwork for the petition.  The first part of the visa process is filing the I-130, the petition to bring an immediate relative to the US. Cost? A cool $420.00.  But from what we've gathered reading extensively online, it seems that applying for a visa/green card from abroad is still cheaper than applying for one already in the US.  But I'll keep track and let you know as we go along.

So dear readers, wish us luck as we officially kick-off round two of 'international paperwork's never-ending story'. 

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