Sunday, September 20, 2009

a little rest and relaxation?

The Following Things Happened to Me When I was in Italy/San Marino:

- I went to Anna & Marco’s Wedding. It was beautiful.
- I ate more in the wedding reception than should ever be allowed for a human being to eat. Ever.
- I saw the sea near Rimini.
- I got to spend time with my good friends, the Gasperoni’s.
- I went to Urbino, where one of the oldest universities in Italy are.
- I lost all the photos on my camera somehow.
- They cannot be found.
- I started to feel sick on Tuesday.
- I felt even sicker on Wednesday.
- I had a high fever. It didn’t seem to want to go down.
- I went to the Emergency Room Friday evening.
- When the doctor lifted my shirt to check my stomach, she exclaimed, startled “My! You are so pale!”—as in not tan, like any Italian woman at this time in the year should be.
- I was told I might have Mono, but they are not sure. I need more tests.
- I spent the night with 7 other people crammed in a room on beds on wheels, being carted around when the doctors called.
- I spent the next X –number of days sleeping in Daniela’s room.
- I watched a number of documentaries, including one on Cleopatra, Gengis Khan and Albert Speer.
- I watched a number of Disney films.
- I ate a lot of melon.
- I drank a lot of aloe vera juice.
- I booked a flight home on Saturday, so to minimize travel time, and lo and behold when I got to the airport, the 1 ½ hour flight was delayed in Rimini for over 3 hours.
- I would have never imagined my time in Italy to have turned out as such.
- Such. Is. Life.

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