Sunday, September 27, 2009

new starts.

The majority of the month of September, I have spent inside of a house in a bed. First in San Marino and now in Germany. Its been almost three weeks that I've had this virus and while I am getting better slowly each day... the day my health will be fully restored to me still feels oh so far.

Having spent so much time "resting"--I've had a lot of time to think. Of course being sick is not something I'd wish upon myself or anyone else regularly, but at this point, I've come to embrace it as my chance for a brand new start. Another one. Ending University was a chance for a new start. Moving to Germany was another new start. Ending LeoLingo and now having this illness feels like some kind of major end--and I am ready to tackle, yet again, a new "new start".

Life is actually continuous--just one moment to the next, yet human beings need this idea of a new beginning. "Its a new day!" or "A New Year!"--all of them are a chance to kind of put everything behind you, all those failures and things you feel you should have or could have done better and give yourself another chance to become the kind of person you want to see yourself become or to do the things that you feel in your heart, are what really matter and what you really want to invest your time in. Most human beings, I think, don't believe that pain or suffering or misery lasts forever--and that's why new starts are so important to us. Its that hope that human beings carry that this time, things will be better.

October is coming soon. I think autumn in Germany will be really beautiful. I haven't properly been outside in quite sometime, but from the window in my room, there is a vine that hangs down and all the leaves on that vine are bright cranberry red. Its my source of inspiration, seeing this vine there, making me wish to get better so I can get a look at Germany as the leaves start to change.

--And as soon as I'm able to, I'm going to bake a pumpkin pie--nothing says autumn like pumpkin and nothing tastes quite so good like pumpkin pie.

Hope you all have a good end to September and great new start to October.


  1. That's My Girl!!
    I wish we were closer and I could actually come and make you some pumpkin risotto... (just to redempt a little Italy, but mostly just to spend time with u) ;)
    love u deeply

  2. I like the little sprinkling of Euro-jargon, right down to the "cheers" at the end :)