Monday, April 25, 2011

Out of the mouths of (German) Babes

Just spent a week doing English camps with German children.  On trivia night, I got a kick reading their answers to some of the questions.

Q:  Name five US States.

-Colorado, Tennesie, Chikago, Texas, Florida
 -Canada, California, USA, Greenland
 -San Francisco, Florida, New York, Hollywood, Washington
 -Colorado, Florida, Los Angeles,  Washington DC, Texas

Q:  What does PBJ stand for? (Hint: Its a sandwich.)

-Potato, Beat, Cheese
-Pute (thats German for Turkey) Bread, Joghurt
-Tomato, Salate, Cheese
-Pepper, Bacon, Ham

Q:  What is the name of Barack Obama's Wife?

-Kate Middleton
-Kathy Obama

Q:  Name a US coin.


Photo: Bavarian Children in Lederhosen.  (*photo credits and property of Rolf Hicker)

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