Monday, April 4, 2011

A Sneak Peak of Summer

The weather this last weekend was all sunshine, blue skies and warm weather.  I'm talking like 75 degree weather (Farenheit, my dear Celsius friends).  David and I hit the trails and went for a good old fashioned hike in the Fränkische Schweiz. Now if only the weather would stay this way.


  1. Y'all ever been to that pre-historic cave spot in (or near, I guess) Pottenstein? I found it fascinating.

    That's kind of our only toe-dip into the Fränkische Schweiz so far. I'd like to see more of it. What areas do you recommend?

  2. Actually Cliff, we're also newbies. We don't have a car, so we took DB to Ebermannstadt and hiked a bit from there. I was also there once with a friend who drove me through and you obviously can see a lot more. Definitely have to check out the cave though ;)...

  3. We don't have a car, either. We hitched a ride from our pals who live in Weiden (but used to live in Regensburg).

    Here are some impressions of our hike that day (especially the aforementioned cave):