Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today marks two years since I first called Germany my new home.

The newness has worn off in some ways, but in other ways, I still find myself enchanted.

I find that going into the Altstadt still feels glamorous and wonderful.  And I can't get over how green everything is here in Germany.  Not just green as in “they are obsessed with recycling and make you divide your garbage into four different cans”, but green as in the earth, the plants, the trees—they are like popping off the page, mix of kiwi-cucumber-and- honeydew-melon greens everywhere you look. 

As for the language—while still frustrating at times, is getting easier.  Everyone says you learn a language faster living in the country, and I think in general that is true, but you certainly don’t learn a language just by being in the country.  But each time I listen and I look and I read, I get it more and more.

Here's to the start of round three!

Until next time,

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