Friday, April 20, 2012


For being in a new place, new job, new neighborhood, new world--there should be lots to write.  The problem is, those external things, as fascinating as they are, are nothing new.  Do a quick Google search and I'm sure you will find thousands of blogs with the same experiences, pictures and information I could be writing about.  The co-teaching experience, working in a Korean elementary school, learning Korean language, Korean food, my Korean apartment--I'm not the first, nor last to experience it. What is unique is where I am in my life and how Korea fits into all that.  Coming to Korea was based on quite a few factors.  Not sure if I've ever spelled it out on here, but here are the main points, in no particular order, as follows:

1) to pay off student loans

2) to continue in the field of EFL teaching, which I have already been working in for 2.5 years.  Korea happens to have great opportunities for that.

3)  to experience life in Asia and understand more about Koreans and Korea. Having grown up a Moonie, I felt like I needed to know more about the culture as it really is.

All these things combined with trying to have a fun year exploring with David before moving to the US is kind of what the year is about for me -- in case you were wondering.

So happy it's Friday!  Spring is finally here in Seoul and it couldn't be more beautiful.  Not promising another post anytime soon, but I'll do my best.

Happy Friday, Happy Spring!

Pictures do no justice. 

More flowers.

The view from my classroom window.
Skyscrapers at Yeuido Park during the Cherry Blossom Fest.
Seoulites coming out to play for the Festival...look at all those people!

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  1. your school has a pond in its recess area???? all my elementary school had was a parking lot to play in jeez :P and why no more posts anytime soon :(