Sunday, April 29, 2012

Seoul a bustling, busy, hectic, crazy city.  Despite full subway cars and the pushing and shoving that goes with cramped, close spaces, there's still nature and tranquility to be found.  We went searching for some of it this past weekend and here's what we found.

Namsan Tower at Night.  Despite all the people, and being in the center of Seoul, you can seriously feel removed from it all being so high up from everything.
Taking in the view on our way back down the mountain.
Self-shot with Seoul shining in the background.

The next day heading up Achasan Mountain--east side of Seoul.

It was a fairly easy trail, but the view was fantastic. Seoul skyline by day.

We found a temple atop Achasan, and this 'tree' lamp.
Taking a water break in the temple. 
Some pretty flowers in the Children's Grand Park. Spring is gorgeous in Seoul.

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