Thursday, May 3, 2012

A day for children

Tomorrow is Children's Day in Korea--which is normally a national holiday and a day off--but since this year it falls on a Saturday, our school decided to host Sports Day for the kids in the morning and let them go home earlier.  In the afternoon, all the teacher's went for a hike to Gaewahsan Mountain.  Some photos...

The school all decked out with flags and students warming up for sports on the field.

My lovely co-teachers.  All the staff had to wear bright green sports jerseys--myself included.

Games--take 1

Games -- take 2

Hike with the teachers.

A temple we saw along the hike decorated with lanterns for the upcoming birthday of Buddha!

The view from the top--where our principal gave us all lottery tickets as a thank you  for our efforts from today. :)

View--take 2

This weekend, heading to an Azalea Festival in Cheongpyeong.  I love spring time in Korea!

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  1. Hey, where's the picture of you in a lime green jersey? :P