Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hanok Village, Jeonju - a three hour bus ride south.

 Jeonju is the birthplace of Hanji Paper. 
...and bibimbap!

Jeonju - Take 1
 Take 2

Traditional guard costume outside of the palace grounds.

David plucked a ginko leaf off the 600 year old tree behind him.

A fantastically awesome Taekwondoe performance for guests.

Colors of Jeonju.


  1. that food looks awesome! and i love how he plucked the leaf haha, what a keepsake!

  2. It was! Korean food is delicious. :) Thanks for stopping by Alex.

  3. love the pictures, D. Esp the bi bim bap, drying flowers, and the fact that David dared to pluck a leaf off a 600 year old tree in palace grounds!! lol