Sunday, June 3, 2012

World Expo: Yeosu

The World Expo is being held this year in Yeosu, South Korea and I knew before I even got to Korea that this was something I definitely wanted to see. Normally, I enjoy planning trips, but this time I booked with Adventure Korea and have to say it was super nice not having to deal with logistical things.  I could enjoy the experience of Yeosu hassle-free.  As for the expo itself, it was a fantastic experience and one I recommend to everyone in South Korea who can make their way there and to anyone who ever has a chance to go to one in their lifetime.  It was inspiring to see so many nations of the world coming together under a theme and showcasing their nation and their creative talents. 

Yeosu Expo 2012:  The Living Ocean and Coast

One portion of the expo grounds.  The architecture of the buildings were really cool.

Yeoni and Suni, the mascosts of expo Korea.

Every country present gets to display their nation's culture on a given day during the Expo's three month range.  The day we were there was Japan Day.
The Aqua Planet--the on-site aquarium.

Street performers could be found all over throughout the day.
So many beautiful marine animals to be seen and appreciated.

There was a special exhibit of robots this year and visitors were given lots of cool demonstrations.

He was especially lively and funny.
The only downside to the Expo were the lines :/... everyone waiting to get into the USA Pavilion.

Many of the larger countries put together pavilions where they could showcase their creativity and their nation in line with the theme of the Oceans and Coasts.  We didn't have time to go to every single pavilion, but the ones we did see were all amazing.

Of course we visited the Germany pavilion.  We even got VIP Easy Access, thanks to David ;).  Germans were allowed to skip the line!

Amazing efforts for visitors.  It was truly spectacular.

Search lights lighting up the coast at night during an evening fireworks show.

The symbol of the expo in many ways.

The Grand Finale:  the Big O show.

For more info on the expo or to see your nations representation, click here.

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