Sunday, October 28, 2012

My first Psy sighting

As long as you haven't been living under a rock, you've certainly heard about Korean sensation Psy by now and his song "Gangnam Style".  Although all Koreans aren't crazy about his song, it is a matter of pride that it has become a hit all over the world and given Korea a bit of an image boost. The news is on everyday during my lunch break, and without exaggeration I can honestly say there was a period of a few weeks when there was a story about Psy every single day on the news.  Sometimes more than one.  ALL THE KIDS in my school can sing this song word for word. Even though some of them struggle to say the most basic of English phrases, they certainly have no problem with, "HEEEEY Sexy Lay-day!" -.-

Two Fridays ago, we had our bi-annual Fall School Festival and look who showed up, a mini-Psy!

Mini-Psy 6th grader, taking in the lime light before the show.

A short 10 second clip of Mini-Psy in action along with the rest of class 6-3's "Samjeong Style" interpretation.  The kids and parents went wild!

If you haven't had enough of Gangnam Style yet, and you're interested in a bit of an intelligent read on the topic, you can check out what The Korean has to say here.  Interesting POV.

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