Thursday, October 25, 2012

Toilets are beautiful too.

This past weekend we visited Suwon, a smaller city outside of Seoul. Suwon is well-known for its fortress, a UNESCO world heritage site, and less known for being 'the mecca of the toilet culture movement'.  Ex-mayor of Suwon and the founder of the World Toilet Association, Mr. Sim Dae Juk, built his house to resemble a giant toilet bowl. This park and his former home can be found a little ways outside of the main city area.  If you're a toilet lover (?), interested in quirky things and happen to find yourself in Suwon with some time to spare, it's worth the visit.  

Upon entering the park, we were greeted with this lovely mural of behinds, 똥 (poop) and toilet paper. 
I couldn't get a good picture on my camera, so this is from the internet, but this is Mr. Toilet's House.  Where the man, the legend, lived before he passed away.  The building is now a museum.

Sim Jae Duk, otherwise lovingly nicknamed Mr. Toilet, was a real man whose love for toilets started at birth as he was born in his mother's outhouse.  He believed in making the world more beautiful one toilet at a time.
They showed toilet pictography from around the world.

The toilet is a place where deep thought can occur, as believed by Mr. Sim.

Some other sculptures from the park.

Oh, the love of a mother.

Want to visit the Toilet House?  Here is a little more information:

EDIT:  BBC just covered the Suwon toilet theme park this past week, check out the video!!! 아싸!

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  1. What the What?!!? And I thought Asia couldn't get any more bizarre. This is truly a strange obsession.