Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Packing On Up

In less than four years, I'll have moved four times, three of which were international moves. 

June 2009 -        USA to Germany (Lauf)

October 2010 -  Lauf to Nuernberg

February 2012 - Germany to South Korea (Seoul)

Feburary 2013 - South Korea to USA

Luckily, I haven't accumulated too much stuff and I've never had to ship boxes or furniture.  I could always bring everything I need with me on the plane within one or two suitcases. 

Yesterday night, as David and I were doing a testrun packing, to see if we could fit everything in our bags, I was on autopilot sorting, saving and throwing things away.  Moving is a great way to purge and keep clutter from accumulating.  It's also a great deterrent from spending money on unnecessary things.   I didn't buy much this year knowing another overseas move was on the horizon.  I'm not saying I want to be a suitcase vagabond forever, but the last few years I've learned to live simply with my suitcase or two full of things. 

I am looking forward to settling down for a bit though.  I'll be happy to be in a place that I can start to invest in and to have a home that feels homey and not just temporary.  I'll be living with my parents for a few months until DH & I can get jobs sorted, but after that, hopefully we can take a break with the boxes and masking tape.

D- 7 days until departure.

* * * * *

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