Saturday, November 7, 2009

for the love of lebkuchen....

Christmas is clearly on its way.

Lauf and Nuremberg have already begun putting up garland and lights and angels and stars along the streets and in the marketplace. The stores have been stocked with Christmas chocolates and foods with St. Nick packaging since the middle of October. And Nuremberg is literally consumed with Lebkuchen stands and stores selling the stuff.

The countdown until the opening of the Christkindlmarkt here in Nuremberg has begun. The opening day is on the 27th of November (!)...

Halloween came and went here in Germany without much notice. That night, I saw a total of six trick or treaters, and three of the six were some sort of lady vampire. When the costumed-kids came to our door, the Hallers had no candy, so Mr. Haller sent me to the door with a bag of sour gummi worms. One bag... which I didn't know how to split amongst three kids and so, I ended up giving it to the kid with the one-eyed dead man mask. Needless to say, the two vampires weren't very happy. I wanted to tell the boy he had to share with them, but I didn't know how to in German. (So to the two German vampire girls, if you are reading this, I want you to know I apologize whole heartedly. If you come back next year, I promise to have enough candy for each of you.)

Not having a Halloween this year wasn't much of a disappointment really, as I stopped Trick or Treating in the 6th grade. Its having to go without Thanksgiving that I'm sad about. I think I will try to replicate it here... somehow. Even though there will be no Macy's Day Parade to wake up to, no school to have a holiday from, no pumpkin pie (!) :(--regardless, there is still lots to look forward to as the holidays approach, no matter which holidays you celebrate or how you celebrate them. Not just for me, for everyone... :)

(Well almost everyone.)

So let the countdown begin! :)

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