Monday, July 4, 2011

+1 point for the Germans!

A telephone conversation I had this morning in German.

Other Person:  Hello, So and So's office, So and So's assistant speaking. 

Me:  Hello, is Mr. So and so there?

Other person:  No, unfortunately he doesn't get into work until nine o'clock.

Me: I see.  I have a little problem.  I have a class that begins at 9 o'clock at XX and I can't make it today because I am sick and I don't have a phone number for any of the students. Can you help me?

Other person:  Yes. But first of all, WHO IS THIS?

Me:  (feeling stupid) Ahh so sorry!! My name is...

And that ladies and gentlemen, is a pretty common phone mishap that myself along with other English speakers make when talking on the phone in Germany.  I swear, we're not trying to be rude by not giving our name first (although Germans have told me before that it comes across that way), I'm just so used to the person on the other line asking for it with that extra sweet little phrase, "Can I ask who is calling?"...

How to make myself remember!?


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