Sunday, July 3, 2011

Put on a Happy Face

The last two weeks were quite relaxed as most of my students were away on vacation. Germany just celebrated Pfingstin and Frohleichnem, and so schools had two weeks off and parents took two weeks off to be with their kids.

So by default, I also had almost two weeks off .  Normally I have something planned, either going away myself or working with the holiday language camps for kids--but this time I decided to spend the time running lots and reading and studying lots of German. My thinking was by the time the last week of June rolled around, I would be fit and ready to work until August (when most of my students will once again plan another vacation).

New week starts, I'm feeling pumped up and energized, and Monday in class, I take a sip of water and hmmm... that's funny, my throat starts hurting.  At the time, I figured it would be a one day thing and didn't think much more of it, although thinking back now, I should have attacked that sucker with hard core doses of Vitamin C and the likes.  Fast forward one week, I have absolutely zero voice, my body aches and my tooth (the same darn tooth thats been giving me trouble for months) is acting up again (although I think this is unrelated).  As a result I've had to cancel some classes, hence losing more income (freelancers don't get sick days mind you). 

Normally I would be quite aggravated by the perfectly bad timing of the situation (why couldn't I have gotten sick during the two weeks I had no work!?), but as of right now, I just can't bother using up my energy on such thoughts.  Best case scenario, I wake up tomorrow morning and its vanished ;)--worst case, is it lasts another week and I end up needing a root canal to boot. ;( 

Here's hoping. Wishing you all a healthy new week,

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