Monday, July 11, 2011

Japan vs. England

So... Women's World Cup is going on right now in Germany.  Which, despite the nation basically ignoring, I find it pretty cool.  (If you want to read about the national support of the tournament (or lack there of), have a look at another blogger's post here:  A Nation Shrugs.)

Anyways, I posted a while back saying that I had tickets to the US vs. North Korea game in Dresden--which unfortunately, I had to sell.  But with luck, a friend of mine had a spare ticket to the Japan - England game in Augsburg which I was able to attend on the 5th. (THANK YOU JENNY!)  Even though Japan has made it to the semi-finals (they beat the German team, a two-times world champion!!!), they lost in this particular game to England 2-0.  Here are some photos of the game.

Before the game, some friendly rivalry between fans. Jenny + random Japanese tourist.

Almost 21,000 people attended this game.

I couldn't decide who to root for so I ended up cheering for the loosing team, which happened to be Japan.

Some English football hooligans.

During half time.

Appreciative players saying thanks at the end of the game.

Being at the game really made me wish I could have seen an American game--it would have been awesome to support my home team, especially since they are doing so well at the moment. Hoping they can win against France on Wednesday to make it to the Finals... GO USA!!!

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