Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nine Things I Miss

... (in no particular order)

1.  The Ocean

 ... and standing at the coast looking out onto a watery horizon. 

Big sky, big sea. Love it. 

2.  Getting the punch line

Let's be honest, language and culture play a huge role in defining what one finds funny, and when you're coming from a different background from those around you, you somehow don't always know who is making a joke and when-- and vice versa.  (Talk about awkward.)

Germans don't do chicken jokes.

3.  A Really Good Bargain/Deal

Sales are, let's say, a bit more humble on this side of the pond. The standard 10 % off  here doesn't really excite me all that much.

So much for trying to fend off materialism.

4.  Baggers

Having someone bag my groceries is a luxury I could get used to again.  I know its all for the sake of being green, but I do miss not having to hurl my groceries back into the shopping cart and rush away from the Kasse before I barely have my change in hand.

I really do.

5.  New York Pizza


I'm drooling...

6.  Driving

I miss having a car.  I love road trips and I love having the choice to leave when I want to and drive where I want to without being on someone else's clock.

Hadley! My first car.

7.  East Coast Autumn

The changing leaves on the trees, the incredible blue skies, pumpkins for Halloween and of course Thanksgiving, a holiday that is synonymous with this particular time of year. Love it and miss it dearly.

Thanksgiving.  Its not just about the food.

8.  People

An ocean can feel mighty big when you're living on the other side of it. 

Little brother and me, Summer 2009 in North Dakota.
9.  Familiarity

While life will always be unpredictable, sometimes its just nice to know how things work without any surprises.  Weißt du was ich meine?

A drive along the NJ Turnpike around sunset.


  1. I HATE having to explain my jokes. Ugh.

  2. If you come to Lausanne on a misty day, you can imagine it's the ocean...

    And it's only been a week, but I hear you on 2-9.

    Let's Skype chat ASAP.

  3. Love your blog! I found you through One Big Yodel! :)As an American living in Switzerland, I can personally relate to each of the 9 things you miss. The only thing I would add to the list was friendly customer service! While in America, the customer is "always right", here I feel that the customer is always wrong. haha Great post!

  4. I so agree. I moved to Erlangen (about 20 minutes from Nuremberg) about a year and a half ago from North Carolina. Enjoying your blog!