Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Thursday Regular-- A Secret Garden

Decided to start up a little project for myself.  Every Thursday, starting from today, I'll be posting a new picture from my adopted home town of Nuremberg.  A little project to encourage me to look a little more closely at the streets and people I pass by daily.  Hope you enjoy it!

First up, a funny little dwarf-statue I found in the Baroque-style 'Garden of Hesperides' tucked away in the section of town called Johannis.  It was such a lovely little surprise to stumble upon.  Hidden from the street, its entrance can only be found by walking through the pub Barockhäusle (Johannisstraße 47).
Why hello there.

PS.  Happy September 1st everyone!  (I'm not really sure why Blogger keeps posting a day behind the real date.  So don't mind the Wednesday date there.) ;)

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  1. Sounds like a neat project you've decided to start. When I had family visit two weeks ago, they pointed out the little things that I normally take for granted, so I can definitely relate to wanting to take time to look at everything a bit more closely. Great picture of the gnome!