Friday, August 5, 2011

To the Zoll!

While getting packages are nice, having to trek half way across town to the Zollamt (Customs) to pick it up, isn't.  This is the second time in six months I've had a package redirected there instead of being sent to my mailbox. The whole trip there and back easily takes 3.5 - 4 hours with public transportation because its located near the harbor in an industrial area which isn't frequented often by buses.

Since its pretty well known that Germans pay lots of tax, I suppose the German government is hoping to keep Germans from ordering from abroad for lower prices, so to do that they add an additional tax to packages coming in from outside the EU.  I don't know the exact amount, but the guy sitting next to me at the Zollamt had some 2,000+ Euros he had to pay in extra taxes for merchandise he shipped in from the US for his Hobby Store in Amberg. I don't know how they decide which boxes go through Zoll and which ones don't (when I was living in Lauf I never had issues receiving packages from the US), but in both cases that I did have to go to the Zollamt, it was an error on their part, as in the end my packages were duty free.

Usually receiving packages should be a nice thing, something you look forward to, but I have to say, if I'm going to have to go through this hassle every time it just may not be worth it. : /


  1. So happy you found my blog! If I am ever in Nerumberg, which I'm sure I will be bc I bought a Bahn Card 50 and want to see EVERYWHERE. We will have to get coffee. And be sure to contact me if you are anywhere near Karlsruhe, i.e. Baden-Baden, Heidelberg, etc. I'm excited to hear more from you and so good to know about the packages... although I still haven't received one haha

  2. Please do let us all know if you ever figure out what the algorithm is which selects some of our packages for direct delivery and some of them for extra charges via the Zollamt!

    Perhaps you could bring this bit of knowledge with you to Cologne at our annual meetup, to which you are cordially invited. Please see details.