Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An end in sight...

Last night we booked our tickets home.

We came up with various travel plans, but in the end, the best choice for us was a more direct flight.  We couldn't find reasonably priced tickets for a visit to Germany, therefore Plan Europe got scratched out (although we're sure we'll be back there sooner or later).  Plan B, which we tried formulating involved a few days stay in Bangkok, Thailand, where my brother and his wife will be traveling through in the beginning of March.  It also fell through as not only were the prices high, but there were two very lengthy layovers on the ticket and we thought it could potentially cause problems with all our luggage and with DH carrying such important paperwork (aka his Visa to the US).  So, in the end, Air Canada got our money and the privilege of escorting us home.

Our days here are really numbered now!  It makes me want to go out and explore all the more--I think I'm really going to miss you Korea.

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  1. Ah crazy! Make sure to knock out that Korea bucket list!