Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Temple Stay

Snow everywhere on the temple grounds.
Orientation and Temple Etiquette--teaching us Chasu hand position.
One of two Yebul services we partook in at the temple. 
Food offerings to the Buddha.
Usually the statues in temples are gold, however in this modern temple hall, the artist chose white.  These particular ones were designed by the same guy who made the King Sejong statue in Ganghwamun Square.
Striking the temple bell after sunset. 
Greeted by a beautiful new day after our 4am service and 108 prostrations were completed.

Pre-meal chant of gratitude before eating our monastic meal.
Food is eaten in silence by the monks so as to show appreciation for every grain of rice.  There was quite a ritual involved in distributing the food and cleaning up afterwards.  Not a single morsel of food should be left over.

Hiking up the fortress during our walking meditation Sunday morning.
Group photo of all the KEB Temple Stay participants.

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