Friday, January 18, 2013

Fun Days

I've been having lots of fun with my kids these last two weeks during our school's winter camp. According to our contract with SMOE, NSETs have to conduct five weeks of camps spread throughout the winter and summer vacations.  Camps mean smaller classes, more flexible teaching materials and lots of games. During camp time, I actually feel like I get to know the kids on a more personal level while leaving boring school textbooks on the shelves.  I think these past two weeks were some of the best days I've had at Samjeong this whole year to date.

* * * * *

Playing baseball with a makeshift umbrella bat in the multi-purpose room.

Teaching kids the Chicken Dance.  In the video, they said it's one of the most popular dances in America, to which the kids responded, "It's not Gangnam Style?"

Some cute little ones.... playing a game of back to back.
Going to miss the Korean kiddies.

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