Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some exciting news...

This month,  I will be traveling to Japan!

DV is half Japanese but he's only been to Japan once and I've never been, so it's something we really wanted to try to make happen while we were in Korea this year.  Japan has a reputation for being a pricey country to tour, and it certainly can be, but we were lucky to find some super low-budget tickets with Peach Airlines.  We'll be in Japan only for a few days, so we're limiting our travel to Kyoto and Osaka.  Naturally, more updates to follow.^^  Yah! We're super excited!

일본에 가고 있어요! 

Ahem, we all know this should read, "EAST SEA" not "SEA OF JAPAN", but in any case, our  flight crossing it only takes two hours to get to Osaka.
* * * * *


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    1. Yea, we're super pumped. It almost didn't happen while we were here, so we're really glad we can do this trip :)