Monday, August 13, 2012

Gwangju, Joa & Damyang

Day two of our trip took us to Gwangju where we met with my awesome friend and colleague who drove us to try some good food and to explore some of the more picturesque areas of the region.  

산재 비빔밥 or mountain vegetables bibimbap!  It was delicious!

It's kind of like a DIY type meal, you choose the veg and fill your plate.
This is DH's before he mixed it all together.

At the Eco Lake Park.

Korea is just full of mountains.  They are everywhere!  This park was huge and really beautiful, but it was just too hot to be outdoors.

In Damyang, at the bamboo forest.  Bamboo is really hard to photograph well, but you can get an idea of the size here.  Lucky for us bamboo plants, like most trees are really good insulators from the heat.  It was much cooler inside the forest.

Our gracious and beautiful host, baby bump, DH and me at the falls.
 We spent the whole day there before taking the bus back to Seoul around 7:30pm.  We were a little worried that we wouldn't make the last Subway to get us back to Banghwa once we arrived in Seoul, but everything worked out fine.  Destination Jeolla Province was a success, even without extensive planning.  

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