Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Round 2: Back to School

Today begins the winter semester for the Korean elementary school kiddies.  Half the school year is behind us and the next half is now officially under way.  It's raining today--although the kids don't seem to mind,  and honestly, I'm just relieved the weather is finally cooling down. 

It is also six months today since I landed in Korea.  Six months of experiences and six more still to experience.  My best advice for all future EPIKers out there, whatever expectations/worries you have, try hard to rid yourself of them.  Then when you think you're expectation-less, do it one more time.  Korea will not be how you picture it, the good parts nor the not-so-good parts.

A little tiny part of me was dreading back to school because vacation and the last couple of weeks have been so nice, so relaxing.  But as a wise person once told me, fear and worry is always a result of thinking about something in the future. When the moment comes, those fears and worries are gone.  And it's true--as I'm sitting here at my desk, co-teachers across from me, students running in the halls--that dread is gone.   Second semester will be as the first, happening one day at a time.

There seem to be no English classes today or, I've heard, for the rest of the week.  So next week will be full force back to the grind.  As for now I'll just sit here and enjoy the cool breeze coming through the windows and get myself ready for round two. 

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