Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What two days can bring...

Last Friday, DH and I turned in the petition at the US Embassy here in Seoul.  When we did, we were told it would be about a month until we hear the results of that petition.  Well, two (business) days later and Tuesday evening, DH already had an e-mail in his inbox with Packet 3 information.  The petition was accepted and now he can start planning for the Interview!  Talk about efficient.  Even though we don't want things to move too fast, (otherwise his visa could expire before my contract in Korea is up) we both agree that we're off to a good start.

Two days is also the amount of time it took for our baby basil to sprout from the ground.  DH and I have started our own little indoor garden here and after our spring onion's took off, we tried something new.  From what we'd read on the internet, the plant should have taken about 8-9 days to sprout, but we got the little greens already poking through after 48 hours!  Something about Korea seems to get things done.

The basil is coming! The basil is coming!
And what's more, is that in two more days... in two more glorious days, my summer camps will be finished!!!!! Next week I have two days of deskwarming and then, my vacation will finally begin!  Oh, summer, how I've been waiting for you!

Two days. Two more days.

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